Wading Into the Pool

I have been back and forth about the idea of blogging for a few years.
What type of blog should it be? Personal or Professional? Will anyone read
it? Should I take the time for it?

I really should aim to spend LESS time on my computer and more time doing
the things that are worth blogging about. But I just ran across this new
blogging service that claims it will make it all very easy (quick!) to do.
So, I am going to give it a try.

This blog will be primarily about my work and my broad interest in the arts,
design and color. That’s my business tag line: Art, Design, Color. So
let’s see if we can get this thing going.

5 thoughts on “Wading Into the Pool

  1. The reason I’m thinking this will be easier than even Blogger is that I can do all the text AND photo updates via email. With my slower server issues I’m thinking it this will be much faster. I’ll be testing the photo aspect real soon.

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