Weathering the Storm

Three high tides down and two to go.

Last night’s high was by far the worst – about a foot above the first high
of the storm on Thursday morning – right up to the bottom shelf on the cat
climbing pole pictured below. This morning was high again but not as high
as last night. Tonight and tomorrow morning’s highs are not expected to be
nearly as bad. I have the heat pump off until the HVAC guy and the flood
adjuster can have a look at things on Monday. I kept all of the power off
during the highest tides but have turned it back on this afternoon. So,
I’ll just have a space heater for a few days but at least I’ll get a hot

The fellow in the boat is a neighbor who was taking advantage of this
afternoon’s LOW tide to go check on his house closer to the beach.
Thankfully he lifted that lovely old house about 9′ off the ground several
years ago so I’m sure he’ll find it high and dry. Today he parked in my
drive and put in at the side of my house. Note that he walks in the water
while his dog gets to ride!

Now, enough of all this gray! We need some blue skies ASAP! I’m hoping to
be back in the studio in a few days!



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