NYTimes – Art Review – ‘The Drawings of Bronzino’ – At the Met, Florentine Master’s Spirited Drawings

I’ve gotten ridiculously busy and so neglecting my blog but I wanted to embed this article here in case folks miss it. Wish I could dash up to the city and have a look for myself but I’m deep into preparations for several interesting decorative painting/mural projects, preparing to teach Acrylic Fundamentals in February and studying for my final oral exam for the International Association of Color Consultants in March. So, I’ll be catching up with the blog in a few days.


Here’s the Article

Agnolo Bronzino’s was the hand to hire for a power portrait in mid-16th-century Florence. He could turn toddlers into potentates and make new-money Medicis look like decent people. His painting shaped late Mannerism, the profane, twisty, prosthetic style that erupted, like a repressed libido, between the humanist sanctities of the Renaissance and the smells and bells of the Counter-Reformation.

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Louvre Museum

The Drawings of Bronzino “Seated Nude Youth Playing Panpipes,” in the show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. More Photos »



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