We Sold Our House This Week

With mixed feelings I mopped my way out the kitchen door last Sunday. Had a
brief cry in the driveway and said good-bye. I can only hope the new buyers
have an ounce of recognition of what we put into this place. If we ever
build our dream home, much of the character will be taken from this little
gem. Hard to believe we were there for 6.5 years. I am looking forward to
what’s next. And especially the plan to live in the same town as my sweet

I’m going to load pictures of Before and After. Hopefully they will load in
the right order for comparison.


Still Catching Up: Free-hand Scrollwork

This winter has been crazy. Mid-February we got a decent offer on our house
so I started the final push to move home life, studio and office. Home is
hard enough but studio and office while trying to keep working has been
seriously no fun. Here are a couple shots of a project I managed to squeeze
out. I can’t even remember when it was now.

This is an all-over effect on a good-sized powder room. I also did some
Venetian plaster with huge embedded stencils in the great room. I will be
returning to the house for another project next week so I hope to get shots
of the great room while there.



Oh Where Have I Been?

Dear Long-Neglected Blog,

I know I have neglected you for over a month but I promise I have many good
excuses. Attached is evidence of at least one of my recent diversions. I
will soon write a full report of my activities and promise to be more
faithful in the future.

Your Distracted Creator,


Please find attached: Five images of painted night sky with Austrian crystal
stars – completed today.