Latest News

I am still scrambling to catch this blog up but here’s the latest:

I am painting again. (Woooo!)

A series of events all pointed towards getting the studio back up and running so I’m hard at it. I will be focusing on painted furniture, decorative panels and murals. Once that is underway, I will also delve into a backlog of fine art ideas – all bursting for realization.

I have committed to a new venue to display finished pieces and make myself available for commissions. (More on that coming soon!)

The painting will be my day job between insurance adjusting opportunities.

The historical novel continues to develop. I am nailing down some important research as I approach the next major section of the plot. Inching forward. The key is to keep at it daily so I never lose the train of thought and energy for the story. So far, no danger of that. I still get excited every time I approach it.

More to follow.

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