Road Kill

In 2012, I spent a few days at a writers’ conference participating in a critique group guided by mystery writer Ken Kuhlken. His most recent newsletter offered his readers a free Smashwords download of the short work Road Kill, Mystery Authors on the Book Signing Circuit. So I grabbed my copy and tagged along (all 40 pages) as Ken and his touring buddy, Alan Russell, endured the indignities of cheap hotels and empty bookstores, all for a few hard copy sales of their mystery novels. The nightmarish experience is redeemed by the writers’ ruthlessly honest, sarcastic wit.

As my mother would say, “may as well laugh as cry”.

Recommended for a cold splash of reality and biting humor. You can read it in one sitting.

(On my blog Long Ago and Far Away, I have recently explained why I am no longer writing formal book reviews. I do reserve the right to comment on my current reading and so – there you have it. No starred reviews – just commentary and random responses.)

Speaking of Studios

Here’s a recent post by Stapleton Kearns. He writes a wonderful blog describing his landscape painting techniques and all things professional. He is posting less often now – busy painting – but you could spend years reading his backlog.

In this post he describes his studio. Ah, for northern light.


Studio Re-Do!

The sudden surge in painting projects forced me to accelerate plans to turn the third, small garage bay into studio space. It needs a total rebuild but no time for that right now.

So, on a recent Friday night, James got in from work and wanted to start on the revamp right away.

Here’s what the space looked like when we started:

What a Mess!

What a Mess!

Ninety minutes later, the space looked like this:

Whew, that's better!

Whew, that’s better!

A trench and grass to divert or absorb water; nasty old shelving removed and the beginnings of a Tyvec enclosure.

By mid-afternoon Saturday:

James covered the ceiling and three walls in Tyvec to give me a lighter space and separate me from the nasty framing. I confess, there are areas where there is only Tyvek between me and the great outdoors.

Ready to Go!

I also confess, the space doesn’t look nearly that tidy one week on. It’s already chock-o-block with projects and supplies.

Just the way we like it.

I don’t think my studio will ever make the pages of the “Where Women Work” publication but it works for me.

What’s your creative space like?