2014 Recap in one word: Work

Here’s the requisite review of the past year:

Work and Personal: All personal life was subsumed into the day job. From February 1st to today, my independent adjusting hat has kept me booked for all but seven weeks and on the road for five of those months. Four of the seven weeks away from the day job were spent with my parents trouble shooting some of their challenges. So that makes six months away from home. Even when working in my own town, the day job is a six, sometimes seven days a week, eleven hour workday. The occasional day off is spent doing laundry, paying taxes, cleaning bathrooms. The good news is that I went from my first gig as an independent adjuster to a management role in that short time. For this I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and a desire to keep growing in this role. However, how that can possibly mesh with my 2015 realities will take a greater move of Providence yet.

Right Brain: In early January 2014 I completed the large mural project that you can see here. Immediately after, I began the day job and all visual arts stopped. My writing project is now two years behind my goal to complete the first draft. I did, however, manage to do 30-60 minutes of research every day or so. It’s a pittance but has resulted in me feeling ready to get back to the text.

I have today off and although I slept late and am already through one pot of tea, I am still tired. I need to pack for moving on Sunday after two final days of work, then 2015 officially begins for me. More on what that might look like in the next post.

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