A Little Faux of My Own

I’m south again and was hoping to start painting my parents’ new interior, but the drywallers aren’t finished yet. So, faced with a glorious day, I decided to complete a little project of my own.

My husband built this storage barn last summer. For security reasons, we didn’t want windows, but we also didn’t want to be looking at bare-faced siding. So we planned some faux windows. Hubster framed them with Hardie board; my job was to complete the illusion.Faux Windows - BeforeFaux Windows - in progress

Start to finish took about two hours – including clean-up and a fresh coat of paint on my back steps. Mind you, it could still do with a bit of shadowing and the paint bled under the tape because of the surface texture. But it does the trick “at 40 feet on a galloping horse” as we used to say in the theatre.

Faux Windows - After

It was good to be on a ladder with a paintbrush in my hand again. Been too long. But I’ve got a whole house to deal with once that drywall is in and straight painting isn’t my favorite. The decorative stuff is much more fun.

I think I should paint the door the same color as the siding. What do you think?


We Sold Our House This Week

With mixed feelings I mopped my way out the kitchen door last Sunday. Had a
brief cry in the driveway and said good-bye. I can only hope the new buyers
have an ounce of recognition of what we put into this place. If we ever
build our dream home, much of the character will be taken from this little
gem. Hard to believe we were there for 6.5 years. I am looking forward to
what’s next. And especially the plan to live in the same town as my sweet

I’m going to load pictures of Before and After. Hopefully they will load in
the right order for comparison.