Recipe: Ground Turkey & Lima Bean Chili

I meant to make the usual red beans & ground turkey chili today. I went to
the cupboard last night and discovered I didn’t have kidney beans. I did
have a bag of limas. So, I tossed them in some water to soak over night.

This morning dug out the crock-pot then went to the pantry for a big onion.
Nada. Oh well. I was definitely not venturing in to town in this weather
just for an onion – especially when I had a good supply of garlic on hand.

So I just threw the following together. And, I gotta say – it’s pretty

Ground Turkey & Lima Bean Chili

1 Bag Dry Baby Lima Beans – soak over night.

Garlic – lots
1 Tray of ground turkey
Cayenne – whole peppers from the freezer – as much as you think you can

Rinse soaked beans and put in crock pot with:

2 cans chicken broth

Sauté ground turkey until nearly dry. Toss in the garlic and cayenne.

Toss turkey, garlic and peppers into crock-pot.

Simmer on High about 4 hours – *** Test lima beans to be sure they are soft.


One large can diced tomatoes.

Simmer. As long as you can maintain your self control.


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