And now, it’s been even longer this time. Two reasons:

1) Twitter bought Posterous so I had to move my blog.

I’ve finally imported it to WordPress and am learning my way around.

2) The Day Job was grinding at six day weeks, 10 hour days.

I quit.

Yikes. But I have a plan. So we won’t worry about that just now.

Summary of my news:

I am reduced to an iPhone camera. My Nikon D70 is locked up. It might be fixable but I haven’t had the nerve to take it for a look-see. And, newly self-employed again, I’m not in a position to replace it.

Also, Luddite that I am, as much as I LOVE digital photography, I still balk at the cameras. I just can’t LOVE scrolling through menus. I long for the old days when I could set my camera manually for shot after shot, in the dark, without ever looking at the thing. My fingers knew where to find each button and dial, my brain could track my last shutter and aperture. The Leica M series looks the part but is a range finder. I’m not sure how that would feel. It’s also, cough, cough, a little beyond my budget at the mo.

So, iPhone camera it is for now.

Next item:

When the day job schedule made getting to my downtown studio impossible, I decided it was time to go truly insane. I’ve started writing a book. Not just any book. I’ve finally started on the historical novel that’s been running around my head for 20 years. It was easier to start a writing project at 5am sitting in a 25′ RV than trying to get to my studio. So, I did.

The project is underway and I’ll share more about it in the future.

I’ve also just started another blog: Long Ago and Far Away – check it out!

The other cool news is:

We bought a house. No more RV for us. No sir. A real house. I loved our marsh cottage in Virginia. Hated to part with it. Never imagined I would have one with half so much character. Ha. Wait until you see what we’ve got! (future post!)

We also bought a second house – down the street from the first. No, we didn’t win the lottery. We are some of the few who managed to buy during this super difficult market. Don’t begrudge us. We had to SELL one in this market too. And this additional house, currently a rental, is for my parents to live in once we get them moved down here. It’s also going to be a gem – but it needs boatloads of work. Poor Hubby.

There’s lots more to tell but we’ll get started with this.

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