Flood Interlude

Silly me for thinking I had a clear slate of several days for working on a
painting commission and various studio projects.

Our 2009 Nor’easter is upon me. I chose to stay because we’ve been through
this before. The pictures show this morning’s high tide. It has since
dropped about 4 inches and that may be all we get of low tide today.

By this evening I will need to turn off the heat pump and probably the power
 – if the power is even still on locally. There is wiring under my
house and so… best to shut it down. Kitties and I will just pile on the
blankets and wait for the final pass of tides Friday morning. By then I’m
sure I will be without air ducts and in search of repairs.

This is the price of living so close to my beloved marshes.

In the meantime, I have a long neglected stack of magazines and as long as
the power is on – hot teas 🙂

Keep your head above water!




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